3D Printing


Over the 2 years I've owned my 3d printer i have learned an immense amount about how to sculpt to maximize 3d printing at small scale and how to run and look after an SLA printer. 

There will be more in this section soon but for now here is my list of items I use for 3d printing. 

  • A Deck of Cards - yes really, and no this isn't for whiling away the hours while your printer prints. i use it to mix the liquid media before every print as it will separate over time.

  • Rubber Gloves - should be obvious why. 

  • Scalpel - very very important its a good quality one "Swann-Morton" is the brand i use.

  • Snips - again very useful for removing build supports. 

  • Diamond Files - best to get a set of micro files as again they are realy useful for cleaning up prints.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol- this is mentioned in a lot of tutorials. its whats used to clean prints post cast when they are still covered in uncured resin. i get mine from maplins 

  • Jars - a lot of the time you'll be using jars to hold clean and dirty iso and they do it well. 

Asiga 3D Printer
Latex gloves
Deck of Cards
Diamond Files

About 10 years ago i got my first look at 3d printing at the IJL trade show and it has changed my life forever. My career revolves around it. This has only intensified since i purchased my first SLA printer. While ASIGA isn't the most well known brand for me its got to be one of the best. if you want to create Jewellery and miniatures this is the brand to go for. 

I also highly recommend 3DXS for their nano black media which is so sharp for its prints its unparalleled, and their staff are incredibly helpful. 

My Mini Factory is a company that promotes the sharing of tested objects for 3d printing and is a great place to start if your learning. you can find some of my work there too click here