Animal Within


The Fae Ones

We all have our drives, our desires. These emotions are anthropomorphized in this collection with absolute attention to detail; these charms are designed as character setting pieces

All the pieces are small and subtle but no less sublime for their size. 

The name says it all. this collection is designed for those who dont shy away from the lime light, for those who are bored with little rings or rather crude large rings.

Each piece is a sculpture in its own right designed to obsessive detail.

"There is magic in all things if we take the time too look." a statement that encapsulates this collection brilliantly. each piece conveys the respect and adoration we hold for all things fae and mystical. 

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The IPG only accepts craftspeople of the highest calibre into it’s membership. Our Fellows, Associate Fellows and Members design, build, create, decorate, and finish everything from Exquisite Jewels to Silverware to Grand Object D’art. Everything from a simple and perfect wedding ring, to the grand jewels on display in Bond Street, London

Green Man Pendant - Silver

The green man is a symbol of nature and rebirth as the seasons cycle he is the symbol of life's growth over the death of the winter seasons. Depicted in this form it is a talisman of the energy of life and all that grows. This pendant is a wonderful gift fall those who need a little natural energy in their life made in silver and hallmarked in the UK.

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